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Haircut - $25+

Haircuts ranging from even length (Ceaser style), tapers, fades, mowhawks, afros, and more . This service includes a clipper shave or a beard trim.

Haircut + Design Work - $30+

Haircuts that include design work or multiple parts. Beard trims are included with this service.

Kids Cut - $20+

Haircuts for children ages twelve and under. (Specialty haircuts such as fades, mohawks, or haircuts with designs increase the price of the haircut.)

Shape Up- $15

Shape up of the perimeter of the hairline along with a beard trim or clipper shave. (Tapers are not included in a shape up; tapering the hair denotes a haircut).

Haircut + Shampoo - $30+

Have your hair shampooed and conditioned. Adding a shampoo to your haircut provides for a better haircut.

Haircut + Enhancement - $30+

Haircut of your choice along with enhancement to to hair and/or beard (i.e. dye, fibers, etc.)

Big Chop - $40

Haircuts that result in a substantial amount of hair being removed (Big Chop). This may be haircuts that transition from locs, an afro, or the like down to a lower haircut.

Haircut + Hot Towel Shave - $50

Traditional hot towel shave along with a haircut of your choice.

Before & After Hours $70+

Services performed before or after business hours